Waist Deep

by Logan's Run

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special thanks to:

the piccirillo family, the zivic family, the tollin family, itamar gov-ari, tori vitkowsky, amy wong, amy bourget, the space, toquet hall, jenny lawton, kyle silver, the cesare family, ricco burkhardt, eddie and meghan kempfle, tim wardell, conor lendenmann, andrew mastalli, christian gillis, tony gillis, henny weiss, susan and rob corbelli, brooke cabrera, the butler family, tj and willie birkett, barrett sylvia, this condition, for the foxes, a will away, thank me later, the harris family, lisa isaacs, will tenney, tasoula vaselaki, genna weiser, and anyone else who has helped us on our journey.

dedicated in loving memory of chris harris


released September 1, 2012

Logan's Run is:

Ethan Tollin - guitar / vox
TJ Piccirillo - guitar / vox
Justin Tollin - bass guitar / vox
Jason Zivic - drums

Mixed and engineered by Jason Zivic at Z Music North
Mastered by Tony Gillis at The Cutting Room



all rights reserved


Logan's Run Connecticut

Ethan Tollin
Itamar Gov-Ari

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Track Name: Waist Deep
Ain't no stranger to some consequence
It's burning dents in all my common sense, I'm done
We'll be drinking ourselves up to the top shelf
I'm going broke in the meantime
A burning paycheck to some open lungs
Sipping tips to a timid tongue someone
I need some help to save from myself from getting so fried

A thousand bucks in CT lotto
Wouldn't feel like I won at all
I'm waist deep in this shit and I haven't slept for a week
I'm still here but I've lost my shadow
Somewhere along the line
But I know real soon it'll all be fine

I try to shy away from loneliness
The kind of shit that got me into this mess at all
You were in hell but I couldn't tell
Because I was preoccupied with myself
I never gave your girl a second glance
I never gave the world a second chance I'm done
I need some help but you couldn't tell
That I'm in the back sniffing whiteout
Been grin-and-bearing this the best I can
A map of pins that was never planned at all
Take me away, I can't say
How much I lost in the hand-off
Track Name: Gasoline
I wear my heart upon my sleeve
And hope that she has the decency to leave me
Please believe me
Dial 911 and keep it clean
And drown my wounds in gasoline, it's easy
And so misleading

One more mistake that makes your life so fucking great
You're all alone and I'm not taking any chances
Last cigarette, I wish to god we never met
There's no hope for you

I drink gasoline for you

Tick for tick and shot for shot
We were floored by the time we got to Fordham
I was dying of boredom
You fill my head with UV rays
And old abandoned love cliches of interest
But you wouldn't admit this
Track Name: Amberlee
Girl, we never had anything to write home about
My cruel intentions were never to work things out
I need sex, I need cold unemotional sex
Just accept, I need strange four dimensional
Cruel unintentional sex

Remember telling me that
You were only looking for the one and done
Pulling out
I'll be the only one with
Something to laugh about

Man, I thought college was gonna be different then
And now were prone
In the back of your boyfriend's new mini-van
Track Name: Good Luck
I spent nine days on the road
Back and forth between my state and the coast
Trying to make these floors my home
Parked out on the lawn
My real world is gone
When will we ever get this off the ground?
I can't say that what i want is what I've got
And I can't stay
'Cuz it's not what I really want
And you can't wait
Just make your moves and take me home

Good luck with
Trying to find a weekend with me
Good luck's been
A bad attempt at the plans that I've made
And they're not sure (they're not remembering)
It's all a blur (too much of everything)
Good luck with finding that
Good luck I'm lacking tonight

I'll spend one month on the road
Back and forth on this coast made out of gold
Trying to write some folks back home
I spent hours on the train
With thoughts between my ears that can't be tamed
The sights have changed
My drive is still the same

On this late night shift to drive home
The ringing in my ears
Reminds me that we're not alone
And if we find ourselves wherever we've been tossed
We'll always be searching but we'll never be lost
Track Name: The Urge
God forgive my muddy sneakers
Shallow thoughts and empty sonnets
Life is bleak but you're much bleaker
I lost my mind once you were on it
I will swim and drown in gin
And consummate my final hour
Lace me full of holes again
'Til I can learn to live without her

I fought the urge to call, baby
I fought the urge

They tell me I've gone off the deep end
But more than often I'm just honest
I've been played and I've been weakened
And I'll move on just like I promised
Here's to love and here's to hatred
They both will plague you like a cancer
And neither one is really sacred
So don't pretend you have the answer

I lost the urge to call, baby
I lost the urge

I fought the urge to call, baby
I lost the urge